• PJ’s Wild Crafted Fresh Peppermint 2 oz.

    We are pleased to offer both our fresh peppermint and spearmint 365 days a year. Many hours have been put into perfecting the best and most sustainable growing practices for our year round production.

    Peppermint Jim’s fresh mint is outstanding for mint tea lovers, chefs, restaurants and bars, raw foodies, juicers and vegans who crave the delectable taste of real peppermint. Have a question about cooking with mint? Find some of our favorite recipes here, or email our very own Executive Chef Nick. 

    If you are interested in buying larger quantities, please give us a call at 1-800-345-9068 or email realmint (at) peppermintjim (dot) com.

    What you need to know about Peppermint Jim’s fresh mint:

    • Herbicide Free
    • Pesticide Free
    • No Synthetic Fertilizer
    • Non GMO
    • No Growth Hormones
    • Filtered Water Use Only

    Due to the nature of the product, we ship this with 2-day Priority Mail. All mint is cut to order and requires 24-48 hrs. notice prior to shipping.

    Care Instructions

    • Place your fresh mint in fresh water upon receiving or as soon as possible
    • Avoid placing the leaves in water
    • Keep cool
    • Pluck or snip leaves, may crush or tear for ultimate flavor
    • Shelf life up to 3 weeks
    • Hang the bunch upside down in a cool and dark place for dried mint. Use when leaves are brittle and crush them for best flavor.

    2 reviews for PJ’s Wild Crafted Fresh Peppermint 2 oz.

    1. Rated 5 out of 5

      mickiecakes1 (verified owner)

      These cuttings shipped fast and we’re in excellent condition! They were very healthy and still bright green no trimming needed and they also even started to root! We adopted a rescue pup and she loved the peppermint and ate the whole plant so I got these clippings to grow a new one. I will be buying more peppermint clippings again soon and also some a spearmint clippings! This is a huge bundle for a very low price its so worth buying clipping from here then buying an actual plant that would be expensive and much smaller then the bundle I got from this seller. I’m very pleased and thank you

    2. Rated 5 out of 5

      mickiecakes1 (verified owner)

      I bought more mint and like the first order I had I loved it!

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