Dear Peppermint Jim,

I received my order the other day and am thrilled!  Thank you for honoring my request to have only peppermint chapstick (no spearmint).  
I first tried your product at the Harvest Craft Festival in Pleasanton, CA.  I apply the peppermint chapstick every night and since I started using it (~7 months now), I have not gotten a single cold sore!  I used to have 3-4 outbreaks a year, so this is really a miracle for me.
Thanks again.
April 2015

I  found a spot the size of 2 quarters on my husband’s leg and had to wait until Monday to see the doctor.  The doctor said it was an ulcer and should have wound treatments by a visiting nurse.  We started our procedure and when the nurse arrived she asked what we had been doing with it and I said treating it with peppermint oil.  She said if that  is what you prefer to use we will give it  try, and we continued with it.  She came twice a week for  two weeks and then once a week for a few more weeks constantly watching it heal quickly.  (Which i know isn’t to be expected in ulcers).  We did cover with a sterile dressing for a while but, it healed so quickly soon just the peppermint oil and now nothing.

 I love the results we have seen with peppermint oil. I first purchased it at a farmers market in Arizona while visiting our daughters family and right after buying it I fell into a cactus! We were sightseeing the rest of afternoon and I said, ” oh my that is very painful.”  I remembered the peppermint oil and put it right on.  No one would believe it was relieved right away!  This summer I had  poison ivy and used a little peppermint oil and it went right away!  Lastly,  I cut my arm hurrying around the house it was pretty awful.  We were expecting company and I said, “peppermint oil and a sterile dressing”  it was wonderful  as I continued working and in less than a week all healed!  I love this product so much and hope to never be without it!

Your peppermint products are far superior to others I’ve tried.

Kate H.

I just wanted to take a moment and share my experience with your peppermint oil! I have used it for many purposes, but the one I’m happiest with is putting the P. Oil on my toes.  I work as a CNA/PCT and am on my feet for 12 hr. shifts. I started putting the oil on my toes and there has been less pain and they almost feel back to normal!  I ran out for a while and the pain came back!!  I’m a believer!!!  Now I want to try your misters!!

Vicki A.

I bought a bottle of peppermint oil from you at the Pantano MOPS Community Fair on Saturday.  I was starting to get a migraine Saturday evening. I used the oil and in no time the headache was gone.

Elizabeth P.

Bought some peppermint oil at the farmers market in Flagstaff two weeks ago. I use it as a spot treatment for acne and to open up my airway when I sleep. But the biggest change I have seen with it is when I gave some to my friend right before bed who has a severe chronic case of snoring. I didn’t hear a peep from him all night! So we tried it again the next night with the same result. Love this stuff.

Erin G.

I like peppermint, so I purchased a small bottle of peppermint oil at the Farmers Market because I was told that it eliminates pain and is good for a lot of things.  Well, I thought…”so is snake oil” but I tried it.  I had carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists.  As I recovered, my wrists would sometimes hurt.  I applied the peppermint oil and after a minute the pain was gone!  It was amazing!  I kept it nearby and applied it whenever I felt pain and it worked every time.  My small bottle also lasted awhile because I only used a drop or two each time.  Recently, I visited my Daughter in CA for Thanksgiving.  Although my wrist was healed I took the oil just in case.  The day before Thanksgiving, I heard this mean cough coming from my Daughter.  She said she feels like she is coming down with something and her cough was hurting her.  I got out my peppermint oil and poured a few drops in some warm water and asked her to drink it.  She did and said, “wow” and did not cough again or feel sick.  She asked me to leave what was left of my little bottle just in case.  Needless to day, I am going to the Farmers Market to purchase another bottle for myself!


Your peppermint oil has cleared up the skin irritation in my ear and is helping with my focus and an achy thumb I’ve had for years. Your newsletter is truly accurate. So thanks for the great oil!

Marie K.

My niece is visiting from Oregon and got bitten by this scorpion on her first day here. We put a few drops of your peppermint oil on the inflamed area and then applied ice. Within 30 minutes the pain was mostly gone and we were able to go on a long walk the next morning.

p.s. We have been using it on other insect bites and it takes the itch and redness away within a minute. I’m sold on your product!

Jackie S.

Just talked to my daughter. She is very grateful you suggested using peppermint for easing her chronic bronchitis symptoms. She said she is off all the meds and hasn’t had to use her inhaler in over a month even with all the crap flying around in the air. Woo Hoo! You Rock!

Joyce S.

We have used both the Spearmint and the Peppermint extracts since Saturday – and it has given us positive results for muscle pain, as well as a severe headache. The cost of the extracts, along with the results, was SMALL CHANGE compared to the cost and side effects of what we have been using. Of course, I would hasten to add, that these are not supplanting regular meds, just supplementing in a more natural way. Keep up the Great Work!

Don & Iva G.

This peppermint oil is a miracle in a bottle. I always carry mine with me as it cures just about all things that ail me on a daily basis: when I start to get a headache, rubbing some on my forehead clears it right up; if I need a little pick me up, a spot under the nostrils perks me up and the time it takes to clear up my sinuses is like magic. I’m addicted! Oh! And I make the most delicious peppermint mochas with just the smallest drop!

Samburger S.

Thanks again, Peppermint Jim! Your peppermint soy candle smells amazing; it energizes me & lowers my stress as I’m developing websites on deadline in my home office!

Heather S. B.

On Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint Oil: This is an amazing product. I had a knee replacement in 2008. The joint is defective and has to be replaced. My sister had me try this. I can’t believe how quickly it responds. I don’t have to even use it on a daily basis because the effects last for several days. Thank you for giving me some pain free days till surgery next month.

Lita W.

I will add my testimonial about how much I love your peppermint and spearmint. I have a sensitive nose and can smell the difference between it and other oils. It smells fresh and alive. Using your oils lifts my spirits, I feel happier. I love your suggestion about putting it in the washing machine while doing the laundry. No more sour laundry smells. I am also seeing improvement on my toenail fungus I’ve had for years.

Susan R.

It is nice to be able to use my hands again without pain. (…) I gave a bottle to a friend last night who has severe diabetes and he used it on his ankles. He said that it reduced the pain and he actually felt sensations in his feet which he hasn’t felt in years. Hopefully it helps him out even in the slightest amount. Thanks again.

Bill P.


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